Welcome to Dawlish Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Make connections with other businesses which may be mutually beneficial

Make your voice heard within the local community and Contribute your ideas

Be informed through our Facebook page and regular email updates

How to Join

If you are running a business in Dawlish and would like to join the Dawlish Chamber of Trade and Commerce please read the following.

Register to Join

Please register your business with us by visiting the registration page in the shop and click ‘Add to basket’.

Once you have clicked add to basket, click ‘View Basket’ and then click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.

You won’t have to put any financial details in at this stage but please fill out all the registration details and click ‘Place Order’.

Once complete we will review your details and then if accepted, approve them. You can check to see your approval status under My Trader Account’

Once approved you will then be able to purchase your annual membership and have full access to the trader resources.


Dawlish Chamber of Trade and Commerce for Traders


Firstly, we welcome anyone who has their own business in the Dawlish area, including the industrial estate at Shutterton.

Dawlish Chamber of Trade and Commerce is the local organisation for promoting your business and updating your knowledge about local issues, events and promotions. Membership is currently £30 per year but there is a discount in place at the present time, so you will only actually pay £20.

Meetings are held several times a year and members are contacted by email, through our Facebook page or through this website.